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Rick Scott

Richard Lynn Scott

    Rick Scott is a Republican elected governor of Florida in 2010. He defeated Democrat Alex Sink, the state's chief financial officer, in the closest governor's race since 1876. He also spent $73 million of his own money to introduce himself to Floridians, having no political experience and barely met residency requirements.

    Rick Scott is the former CEO of Columbia/HCA and also started Solantic. Scott was born Dec. 1, 1952, in Bloomington, Ill. He served in the Navy and graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Southern Methodist University Law School. He and his wife, Frances Annette, have two adult daughters.


    1. Security threat leads Florida to cancel prison visitation


      TALLAHASSEE — Visitation to all Florida state prisons has been canceled this weekend after evidence surfaced that inmates are planning possible uprisings to coincide with Saturday's march for prisoners' human rights in Washington, D.C.

    2. What Florida's top Republicans are saying about Donald Trump

      State Roundup

      Republicans nationwide are blasting President Donald Trump for how he responded to Charlottesville.

      U.S. President Donald Trump makes a statement on the violence this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia at the White House on August 14, 2017 in Washington, DC. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed in Charlottesville when a car allegedly driven by James Alex Fields Jr. barreled into a crowd of counter-protesters following violence at the 'Unite the Right' rally. Two Virginia state police troopers were also killed when their helicopter crashed while covering events on the ground. [Getty Images]
    3. The FHP trooper behind quota on speeding tickets will retire Sept. 5

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — A Florida Highway Patrol official's call for troopers to meet ticket quotas has cost him his job.

      Major Mark D. Welch, Troop Commander of Troop H, wrote an email asking his employees that he wants them to write two citations each hour. "This is not a quota," he wrote. His resignation is effective Sept. 5. [Florida Highway Patrol]
    4. FHP chief vows, again, that ticket quotas are prohibited


      TALLAHASSEE — Florida's top highway safety official said Wednesday that state troopers will be reminded that ticket quotas are illegal, as the job status of an official who called for quotas remains "under review."

      FHP license plate.
    5. Florida Cabinet supports Rick Scott, approves investment prohibitions on Venezuela

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet unanimously voted Wednesday to continue to refrain from allowing state investment managers to use Florida funds to invest in companies controlled by the Nicolás Maduro regime or companies that violate federal law by doing business in Venezuela.

      Florida Governor Rick Scott interacts with people as he holds a Venezuelan Freedom Rally at El Arepazo 2 restaurant on July 10 in Miam. Governor Scott called on the Venezuelan government to free Leopoldo Lopez, a political prisoner from house arrest, as well as those that have been wrongly imprisoned by Nicolas Maduro's government.  [Joe Raedle | Getty Images]
    6. Rick Scott and Richard Corcoran want to make raising taxes super hard


      TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott wants to make it harder to increase taxes by changing Florida's Constitution to require a new "supermajority" vote by the state Legislature.

      Gov. Rick Scott did not specify what he meant by “superma-jority” of legislators for a tax hike. 

    7. Florida highway chief: There is no FHP speeding ticket quota

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Moving swiftly to tamp down a growing furor in the media and with the motoring public, state highway safety chief Terry Rhodes issued a memorandum late Thursday night to the top brass at the Florida Highway Patrol.

      Terry Rhodes, executive director of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, dismissed a directive given by a commander of FHP's north Florida operation that set goals for speeding tickets. "Quotas have no place within the Florida Highway Patrol," Rhodes said in a memo to FHP's top brass late Thursday. [Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles]
    8. How Adam Putnam's votes in Congress might haunt his bid for governor


      TALLAHASSEE — Adam Putnam was the youngest member of Congress when he went to Capitol Hill in 2001 — six months shy of his 26th birthday.

      When he served in Congress, Adam Putnam was a loyal lieutenant of U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert, who served as Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007. Hastert served 13 months in prison starting in 2016 after admitting he had sexually abused boys he supervised while he worked as a high school wrestling coach. Putnam, far right, is seen here in 2007 along with Rep. Don Young of Arkansas as Hastert speaks. [Getty Images]
    9. Did FHP break the law in setting a 'goal' for the number of speeding tickets?

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — A high-ranking Florida Highway Patrol official wants every trooper under his command to write at least two tickets an hour, an order a key legislator says is against state law.

      Florida law prohibits the FHP from establishing citation quotas.
    10. How did a $110,000 state job go to someone like this guy?

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Before Gov. Rick Scott named Taylor Teepell to be the finance director of the New Republican super PAC, the governor gave him a $110,000 job in Florida government for which he had no experience.

      Taylor Teepell oversaw growth management at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, even though he had no experience in planning. Before leaving in Febuary, Teepell had a salary of $116,561. [LinkedIn]