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  1. Adverse childhood experiences can have long-term health consequences


    Pupils widen. The heart pounds. Stress hormones flood the body. Lungs expand, and every muscle sits on the verge of action. This describes the stress response, a normal reaction to a normal emotion. But when a child experiences strong, frequent or prolonged adversity, without adequate adult support, it's referred to as …

  2. Mayo Clinic Q&A: vitamin D; secondhand smoke



    I have heard different recommendations from different sources regarding vitamin D. One doctor told my husband that everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere should take a vitamin D supplement every day, even in the summer. What do you recommend?

    Yellow pills forming shape to D alphabet on wood background
  3. Start your day with a breakfast skillet that calls for cauliflower, not hash browns


    I am a morning person by choice, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

    Riced cauliflower stands in for hash browns in Country-Style Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet.
  4. Dijon and Sherry Oven Chicken Tenders light on fat, big on flavor


    I mentioned to my husband recently that I had mastered an oven-baked chicken tender recipe, and his response was a little underwhelming; dismissive even. It sounded like a healthier version of a restaurant kid's meal, and frankly, he wasn't interested.

    Dijon and Sherry Oven Chicken Tenders will please the whole family.
  5. Florida Medicaid cuts will hit $650 million, Senate chair says


    As part of a broad budget deal, House and Senate leaders have agreed to roughly $650 million in cuts to hospital payments through Medicaid.

    State Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, (right) talks to Sen. Rene Garcia, R-Hialeah, on the floor of the Senate.
  6. National 'take back day' for unused prescription drugs lets you safely empty your medicine cabinet


    That collection of prescription pills, liquids, sprays, patches, tubes and blister packs is sitting in your medicine cabinet, getting old. You no longer need them or they're expired, but you don't know what do with them. Don't just flush them down the toilet or toss them in the trash. Instead, get rid of them Saturday …

    A Tampa resident drops off unused prescription drugs at the 2011 Statewide Drug Take Back Day.
  7. Will Zika return to Florida this summer? Yes, and it could be worse


    Wondering what's ahead for Zika?

    This coming summer will likely look like last summer, when 1,100 travel-related cases were reported statewide, and the virus spread in small pockets of South Florida.

    But there's a chance it could be worse.

    A Miami-Dade County mosquito control worker sprays around a home in the Wynwood area of Miami in August. This summer could look a lot like last as far as the Zika virus is concerned.
  8. Work requirements for Florida Medicaid recipients move forward in House

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Some low-income people who rely on Medicaid may have to meet new work requirements to keep their health care under legislation passed by the Florida House on Wednesday.

    Rep. Travis Cummings, R-Orange Park. [Florida House of Representatives]
  9. Could diet soda and artificial sweeteners cause dementia and strokes?


    A new study has scientists wondering if artificially sweetened beverages can cause strokes and dementia.

    A new study suggests that one or more artificially sweetened drinks a day could be associated with higher risk of stroke and dementia. (Times photo illustration)
  10. How the Legislature could use $1.5 billion in extra Medicaid money for something other than hospitals


    There's $1.5 billion on the table that could shore up the state budget, but the question in Tallahassee is this: How will the Legislature be allowed to use it?

    House Appropriations Chairman Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, (center).